Reporting Matches with Uncontested Scrums

Should any match start with uncontested scrums, or if a match has to go to uncontested scrums at any point during the game, Match Officials are required to submit a form to Scottish Rugby to report this and the circumstances in which it occurred.

The form below is an Editable PDF, which allows you to enter the details into the various form fields.
To fill it in, please first download the PDF to your computer. Once downloaded, open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
You can then click into the fields and enter the required details.
Once all the details have been entered, you can save this form as a new file, ready to be submitted (we suggest you give it a meaningful file name – date and/or fixture details).

The form should be completed within 48 hours of the end of the match, and sent to Neil Crooks at Scottish Rugby (

Protocols for Match Officials 2023

 The following protocols have been drawn up by Scottish Rugby, to ensure that rugby in Scotland receives the best service possible from Match Officials at all levels. 

Each Match Official agrees that: 

1. They will contact the home club at least 48 hours before the match should the Referees Secretary of that club fail to make contact. 

2. They will make every effort to conform to the Laws of the Game, approved Law Variations, current guidelines and protocols. 

3. They will be physically prepared to act as a Match Official. If there is any doubt they should not undertake any such appointments until they have fully recovered. 

4. If verbal abuse or other misconduct from a coach or other club official is such that it would have resulted in a red card had it occurred on the field of play, the referee shall formally caution the individual and require them to leave the Playing Enclosure. This should be done without brandishing a card. The referee shall then submit a report to the Scottish Rugby/ Society Discipline Manager using The Discipline Manager shall consider any such report and refer it to a Disciplinary Committee as appropriate. In all other cases i.e. where the referee considers the conduct to be abusive but not equivalent to a red card offence, the referee shall record the details of the incident and report it to the Referee Society Discipline Manager or their nominated deputy. 

Championship Matches: 

5. They will enter details on website of the score, yellow and red card forms within 48 hours of completion of the match. 

6. They will conduct themselves in an orderly and respectable manner, and they will maintain a tidy appearance while representing Scottish Rugby and/or their Referee Society. 

7. They will make every effort to attend post-match functions. 

8. They will keep the Scottish Rugby Match Official Department and their Referee Society regularly informed of any changes to their personal contact details. 

9. They will not engage in conduct, behaviour or practices which may bring Scottish Rugby or the game of rugby football into disrepute.